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Of the Beginning and of the All.

Updated: Mar 21

Hello dear reader, welcome to my new website. I will explain to you how this all came to be.

Music has always been the most important vessel for me to manifest that something can feel both real and transient. There are so many moments during which I can recall not just listening to something that I made, but also listening to songs and albums that a friend or I turned on at the right place and the right time, inescapably altering the future forever. Some of these experiences take me back to pure visceral vibration and energy; I think that's really what it is like to play music anyway. Millions of melted memories culminate in the space between frequencies. Where I was, who I was with: they are flashing glimpses of the data that makes up all humanity and the history of human consciousness. Sound itself is a medium that can channel so much energy it can boil water or shatter glass. Of course it should be harnessed to shatter someone's perception of reality.

I started making music as Aleph Om because I loved the way my bass would feedback into my amplifiers while whistling oscillations and subharmonic drones whirred and pulsed concordantly underneath it. Anyone can tell you loudness can be nauseating, but I am here to tell you that loud noises in stereo can make you go cross-eyed in ecstasy.

I just wanted to make something that viscerally affected me so profoundly I might slip into a hypnotic stupor that would replicate tripping balls with a few dead friends I miss. I think I have achieved that, and I look forward to doing it again.

Moog Rogue, Fender Starcaster, Acoustic 370, Barefaced Six10, Sunn Coliseum, Beta 205, 402, FX
A setup for sketching bass parts in 2018

Aleph Om has been an ironically materialistic pursuit to the end that I in no way need any more music gear, but I desperately require a larger house for the gear I have. In spite of this perpetual curse I am committed to the analog and psychoacoustic methods that I have prescribed. Inspiration itself is endless as echo's answer. The entropy and clairvoyance of improvisation and composition haunt me; I hear things and I am doomed to make them. Such inspiration makes music production unceasing. Since resolving to formalize the recording of this Aleph Om as a side project (tbh Mooses has long been my main vessel for composition) I have accumulated 12 cassettes of interspersed, useable material, and I work on some every day.

The anticipation of releasing anything is somewhat overwhelming. My subconscious mind is a marijuana-addled insomniac playground. My devotion to old tapes and some random Em7-F7-D#m7 chord progression scribbled on an otherwise blank sheet of staff paper are endlessly stifling. In all fairness this is my career path in all ways except that I need to sell it to other people. When my family and I were quarantining in March 2020 at the outset of the coronavirus pandemic in Michigan, I would get up at 9 or 10 AM, produce music for an hour while my wife cooked. Eat, produce for another hour or two, put my daughter down for a nap, and then practice and write basslines for Mooses. If I could make a living doing that I would feel practically fulfilled, so I can no longer foster my invalidity. I can't lay down dead and expect my first work alone to be exposed as that of some Dadaist or outsider, perhaps not without this exposition. Maybe I will instruct in my will that my cassettes be used as wrapping for my mummified cadaver, but first I will digitize them. Maybe first you will listen, and in spite of when that actually happens, I hope it is the perfect time and the perfect place. Thanks for reading. Pre-ordering my LP now helps me make art and save for a house for my family. Please join my mailing list so you can read more of my announcements, cogitable interpretations, and late-night reveries as they are dreamt.


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