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Stacks of analog synthesizers


       aleph om evolved from an intense commitment to the archival of loops and low fidelity, mono-cassette offal. While writing and rehearsing with his experimental rock project, Mooses, Alexander Brown developed a series of electric bass guitar sequences and surreal drones that were far distinguished from his previous recorded works, which span genres such as progressive rock, post hardcore, jazz, funk, no wave, and psychedelic.

       Refining methods to manipulate and digitize cassette tapes led to more experimentation and a prosperous fascination with sound design. Brown acquired his first synthesizers in 2017 while starting a krautrock and psychedelic project called Jupiter Mission, with Tyler Hull and Bubba Ayoub. Marrying high-headroom stereo bass amplifier rigs and analog synthesizers, Alex soon realized a rush of electroacoustic inspirations that led to hours of recording. Early mono experiments were either processed directly through a 4-track Portastudio cassette recorder or reserved for resampling. Brown has indicated that many of these tapes will be produced for release in limited volumes titled "Venerable Extremities" as well as some other albums over several years.

     New tapes started to embody a new cogency. Throughout 2018 and 2019 Brown built a modular system heavily centered around vintage and modern Moog synthesizers, incorporating elements of musique concrete and IDM to his musical array. In the early summer of 2019 Aleph Om was formally chosen as the name for the project, conceptually and verbally combining the Hebrew letter, "א" with the Hindu mantra "ॐ," referring to the essence of his manifest as "the oneness of the beginning and the divinity of the all." 

       aleph om released a self-titled, self-produced, full-length debut album on October 29, 2020, consisting of ten tracks recorded between 2015 and 2020, utilizing a myriad of different techniques and styles. Two months later he released "Hindsight Is," a rhythmic electronic exposition on the whimsy of human ills in a year of social malcontent. Both albums were self-released with limited edition cassettes and CD's distributed through Ephemeral Waveform, a DIY label created by Tyler Hull.

       With a backlog of raw files that is being steadily arranged and no shortage of inventive sounds, Alexander Brown has announced that one or more albums are being formatted for multi-media releases in 2024 in collaboration with record labels that have interested him. The first of a series of announced singles, "Grass Waves," is available on January 12, 2024.

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